Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cosmetic Kitchen Surgery

     More and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery to improve their personal appearance. Tummy tucks, Botox, and liposuction offer people a new improved look, without the headache of working hard or starting over again from scratch. These techniques are so widespread, and have been so successful, that there was no reason not to apply similar methodology to modern kitchen remodeling. Why start over if you don’t have to?
     Recent (scientific?) studies indicate that 8.5 out of 10 people can benefit from “Cosmetic Kitchen Surgery” (C-K-S). And more importantly, the procedure is much faster, safer, and more economical than a complete transplant. As with any restoration technique there are various options available to the patient. Although the prerequisite requirements for C-K-S are not stringent, in order to qualify for this process your underlying structure must be sound in order to benefit from this procedure.
     For a basic facelift, the least invasive technique is to apply permanent, make-up (paint) to the face of the cabinets and then affix new door and drawer fronts. This procedure is commonly referred to as “a partial reface.” Combine this process with new jewelry, like knobs, pulls, or molding and this becomes a fast and prudent way to make an exciting change to your otherwise dreary appearance.
     For a more dramatic approach, we must consider peels and skin grafting; i.e. a full-reface. A number of materials can be bonded to your existing surfaces, in various colors or patterns. Unattractive creases and wrinkles can be smoothed out to give your exterior a silky smooth texture. Exciting new color combinations can be explored to contrast the basic foundation with the highlights.
     What about those unsightly, sagging areas that embarrass you so? With a tuck here and a tuck there, sagging cabinets can be tightened up and made to look new again. And, at the same time those wavy looking “eyebrows” over the sink can be straightened and made to look stylish once more.
     Augmentation and reduction are also popular options in C-K-S. You may feel that some of your parts are too small or some too large. You may want to remove some unsightly protuberances. With augmentation or reduction you can add, remove and change up to 10% of your kitchens’ total volume and still realize substantial savings when compared to a complete transplant.
     Contouring countertops is yet another option, but this alternative deserves special attention. Surgical solutions on existing counters are difficult, (and may not last), so replacements are the best solution for these surfaces. With the plethora of solid surface materials available today, these new areas can be sculptured into pleasing, organic curves, eliminating the harsh angles that you may have been struggling with, all of your life.
     When your ready to investigate “Cosmetic Kitchen Surgery” make sure you chose a board certified (National Kitchen & Bath Association) specialist. Their extensive training will ensure a pleasant, successful experience resulting in a natural, beautiful and healthy kitchen. Unfortunately, most HMO insurance does not cover procedures such as these. However, the expense, which is minimal when compared with a full transplant, will give you renewed confidence and pride in the way your kitchen looks and feels. And, citing those same (scientific) studies that were previously mentioned, if your kitchen feels better, guess who else will feel better?

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